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What is digital marketing?

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Digital marketing and its fundamentals

One of the biggest trends of today, Digital Marketings ruling the world. In a general sense, Digital Marketing is the marketing use of mobile devices, the internet, and search engines along with social media in order to reach potential customers. 

It is a new approach to traditional marketing and has grown drastically over time. Digital marketing is known as Online marketing and is an online approach that you put into marketing your business. 

1.Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Nowadays, most brands have their websites, which help them convert their visitors to leads and eventually to their customers. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) brings traffic to your website making it more visible in the search engines. With this method, the marketers can increase ranking on the website and can get free and organic traffic on the search engines. 

2.Content Marketing

The marketing technique that uses a statistical approach that focuses on creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract and preserve audience and customers is called content marketing. It uses the content marketing strategy and brings traffic and leads to the website. Content marketing uses in blogs, social media posts, animations, videos, white papers, newsletters, and emails. With content marketing, the growth rate of the company increases by 30%. 

3.Pay Per Click (PPC) 

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an essential approach of Digital Marketing in which advertisers pay a fee every time their advertisement gets clicked. It is a perfect approach to get

traffic to the site. One of the major forms of PPC is the Search engine advertisement which includes placing a bid for an advertisement when someone searches for a search term or keyword on the internet. 

4.Email Marketing 

Email marketing is the new method applied to the old emailing system. People were sending emails a long time ago. However, these days with the development of digital marketing tools and methodologies, there are advanced tools used for email marketing. It is the best method to keep the audience updated and in touch with the brand and product. Also, it increases the purchase as well as bringing the best ROI in the marketing approach. 

5.Mobile Marketing 

The traditional marketing method has been replaced by mobile marketing technology and it’s all activity

that involves the promotion of products and services through tablets, mobiles, and smartphones it is called mobile marketing. It is the best way to market the personalized goods and products digitally. The promotions are usually sent through push notifications within applications, SMS text messaging, and MMS multimedia messaging. 

6.Social Media Marketing

One of the major areas of digital marketing is social media marketing. In the modern world of the internet, everyone seems to be connected via social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. With the high engagement of people in the field, social media marketing has become of more value. It is one of the best measures to increase brand awareness and reach through posts and content. 

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