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best 21 ways to make money online in Nepal

 various ways of  Work from home Jobs Making money online can help you earn some extra side hustle money, but it can also help you escape your 9 to 5 job. so you can become a full-time entrepreneur. we can work from home, Nowadays online earning and part-time earning are necessary for all. in the internet century, we need not depend on one income stream we can create/develop multiple income streams and passive income on using the internet.21. Best ways of making money online in Nepal1. youtube many more...

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what is a digital marketing campaign

One of the biggest trends of today, Digital Marketing, is ruling the world. In a general sense, Digital Marketing is the use of mobile devices, the internet, and search engines along with social media in order to reach potential customers. It is an entirely new approach to traditional marketing and has grown drastically over time. Digital marketing was first known as Online marketing and is an online approach that you put into marketing your business. The broad term, Digital Marketing, can be divided into various aspects. Some of the major areas of Digital Marketing are: 

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